Curbless Showers

We have recently started installing Curbless Showers. These shower provide a seamless transition from floor to shower seen in most Gym’s and Spa’s. It’s been an ongoing trend in Europe for years but only recently has it come to the residential market in the United States. Call JH Renovations at 201-840-9800 to discuss a curbless shower bathroom Renovation TODAY!

Hiring the Right Contractor

A lot of clients struggle to find the best bid for a bathroom, kitchen or basement but the lowest price won’t always save you money. Getting the project done right should be your first priority so try not to settle on the lowest bid as this contractor may be hiring unqualified subcontractors or may have low paid employees to perform the work.

Often times we get calls from homeowners who had the work done unprofessionally and ended up paying twice to have it repaired. Check references, be dilligent about asking questions and don’t be afraid to ask for paper work to substantiate license and insurance information. Questions or comments please feel free to call us.

Hi Tech Contractors

In todays fast paced world the days of the unreachable contractor making it in the NJ business world have come to an end. More than ever it has become vitally important for contractor to be accessible at all times. Many of our JH Renovations customers work the better part of 60hr work weeks and communication by text, email, phone and even Facebook have become integral parts of the business. Overnight changes to tile designs or kitchen layouts are not uncommon and effective communication can make or break a projects timeline.

If your reluctant to have a contractor take on a large home improvement in your home because of your time restraints take comfort in knowing that just about all of our client’s have the kind of busy schedule that you do and we haven’t dropped the ball yet!

Quality Workmanship

Call John at JH Renovations, LLC. Our quality workmanship and flexibilty when helping you design and build your next project is unparalelled. Many contractors say they know how to design and build but what you are get many times is a salesman that subs out the work to the lowest bidder. John Wohlberg, the owner and operator is always on the job, handles all design aspects down to the smallest details. We are conveniently located in Ridgewood NJ and ready to provide you with a free estimate so give us a call on out cell at 201-214-6665 or in the office at 201-840-9800. We’ve been building a family of satisfied customers in Bergen County for over 15 years.

Around the House

It’s sometimes hard to prioritize your home improvement list around the house. Leaks in the roof, water in the basement, a dripping faucet……….the best way to address your priority list is to go from the most potentially damaging to the least.

Water in the basement is the most damaging and expensive. Here are some simple steps to stop the water from getting in.

Make sure that all the soil is pitched away from your home.

Downspouts either need to have a undergroud passage out to the street or to a seepage pit/drywell located at least 15 feet from the home.

Make sure your gutters are clear because if they are clogged they won’t be doing what they are meant to do…lead the water away from your home.

If you have a continuing problem despite these fixes you may want to consult a basement waterproofing company. A french drain might solve the problem. For those of you who don’t know what a french drain is it is a perforated pipe that is buried along the inner foundation of your home and pitched toward a pit. A sump pump then pumps the water out of your home when it reaches a certain water level. Be sure to have either a back up generator, back up marine battery or a municipal water pressure backup pump just in case the water goes out..

For more information please call John from JH Renovations at 201-840-9800

Home Improvement-Neatness Counts

When JH Renovations, LLC does a Wyckoff Renovation or does any renovation for that matter, neatness counts. We spend extra time everyday preparing the job site so your Wyckoff home is protected. We understand that a home improvement is stressful for a homeowner so we not only take the time preparing the jobsite, we stay in constant communication with homeowner via text, email, phone and fax throughout the home improvement process. We are always accessible to handle any question you may have about the timeline, inspections or if there is a design change.

Rest assured, at the end of the day, your Wyckoff home will be clean and organized and we will be there to answer any questions that you may have throughout the home improvement process!

Word of Mouth Advertising



Come out and meet our networking group at the PAPARAZZI RESTAURTANT AT GARDEN STATE PLAZA.
6pm-9pm $10.00 at the door-appetizers and soda-cash bar and bring plenty of business cards!!!!

RSVP to Karen Melon 201-251-5256 or email
RSVP no later than March 13th 2012
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Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Advertising!