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When looking for a reliable contractor in Ridgewood, NJ look no further. JH Renovations has been satisfying Ridgewood Residents for over 15 Years. We can gladly supply you with References from Ridgewood Customers like you who we’ve helped in creating their dream bathroom, kitchen, basement or addition. Along with larger renovations, we provide for smaller repairs and replacements of windows, doors, moldings, tile and some handyman items as well. We realize that the small jobs lead to the big jobs and that word of mouth is the most important advertising tool. Please call us at 201-214-6665 or 201-840-9800 for your Free Estimate! Mention this blog and receive $50 off your next home improvement.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all the storm victims of Hurricane Irene. We will be helping in the rebuilding of Passaic and Bergen Counties so please call for your free estimate.

Bathroom Designing-affordable

Bathroom designing is not as difficult as it may seem. We’ve been helping customers maximize space and utilize your bathrooms existing features to keep costs down. If your wish list includes a 6 foot whirlpool tub, a 3×4 stand up shower, a double vanity, a vaulted ceiling with skylights-we can make it happen eliminating the need for a high priced designer or an architect-we can do it together!!

When choosing tile for your bathroom, we recommend you visit Wayne, Tile in Ramsey NJ. You can’t beat the selection and the helpful staff will work with you in coming up with a design that suits your tastes. Whether your into Nuevo, traditional, modern, eclectic, european, spanish or contemporary-they have it all.
Give us a call and let me see how we can give you the bathroom of your dreams!!!

John Wohlberg

Basement that doesn’t have to look like a basement

Just because it’s called a basement, doesn’t mean that it has to look like a basement. People are realizing that expanding is not the answer due to high taxes and the expense of additions. They are now utilizing every square inch of their existing homes and that means finishing the basement!!

First step….make sure the basement is dry. If your basement remained water-free during Hurrican Irene, then your in the clear, but if not, than task #1 is to solve the water problem. First find the simple solutions. Is the water leading water away from your home? Gutters and leaders debris free and pitched far a way from the home? Is the soil, patio and walkways pitched away from the home? Do your neighbors consistantly get water?? A French drain maybe the answer with a proper back up system that won’t fail if the power goes out. Drylock paint the foundation walls to keep moisture out and fill any holes with hydrolic cement.

Second step….make up a wish list!! Do you want a home gym, an entertainment area, a music room, a mud room, a home office, a basement bathroom?? Think it over, watch HGTV, read home design magazines, talk to friends-take the time to really do some research with your significant other-two heads are better than one….then call me. I can assess the space you have and come up with a design that suits you and your families needs while staying within your budget!

Rain Heads, Hand helds, Diverters

When planning your bathroom remodel consider adding a Rain Head shower attatchment. These typically are installed in conjunction with a traditional shower spicket or handheld using what’s called a diverter. Many diverters allow you to use each device seperately or in conjunction with one another. Make sure you have adequate water pressure if you intend on using these in unison. We recommend that you do your research when deciding on a brand and where you would like it placed in your shower. Davidson Plumbing Supply on Route 17 South in Paramus is a great place to start your research. Their design staff has been extremely helpful to JH Renovations Customers throughout the years.

Get References

I hear it all too often how people are victimized by contractors. Here are some helpful hints for not getting burned:

1. Verify that you are dealing with a licensed contractor. Ask to see a license, not just a contractors license number.
2. Get the job in writing.
3. Make sure the payment schedule is fair. Be weary of the “half at signing, half at completion”
4. Make sure a permit is being pulled before the start of the job.
5. Get at least 3 references from his customers in your area and go and see the work if necessary.
6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
7. Utilize the internet to educate yourself on common procedures and timelines.

I hope you find this list helpful and you can alway write me if you have any questions or contact me at