Around the House

It’s sometimes hard to prioritize your home improvement list around the house. Leaks in the roof, water in the basement, a dripping faucet……….the best way to address your priority list is to go from the most potentially damaging to the least.

Water in the basement is the most damaging and expensive. Here are some simple steps to stop the water from getting in.

Make sure that all the soil is pitched away from your home.

Downspouts either need to have a undergroud passage out to the street or to a seepage pit/drywell located at least 15 feet from the home.

Make sure your gutters are clear because if they are clogged they won’t be doing what they are meant to do…lead the water away from your home.

If you have a continuing problem despite these fixes you may want to consult a basement waterproofing company. A french drain might solve the problem. For those of you who don’t know what a french drain is it is a perforated pipe that is buried along the inner foundation of your home and pitched toward a pit. A sump pump then pumps the water out of your home when it reaches a certain water level. Be sure to have either a back up generator, back up marine battery or a municipal water pressure backup pump just in case the water goes out..

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