Basement that doesn’t have to look like a basement

Just because it’s called a basement, doesn’t mean that it has to look like a basement. People are realizing that expanding is not the answer due to high taxes and the expense of additions. They are now utilizing every square inch of their existing homes and that means finishing the basement!!

First step….make sure the basement is dry. If your basement remained water-free during Hurrican Irene, then your in the clear, but if not, than task #1 is to solve the water problem. First find the simple solutions. Is the water leading water away from your home? Gutters and leaders debris free and pitched far a way from the home? Is the soil, patio and walkways pitched away from the home? Do your neighbors consistantly get water?? A French drain maybe the answer with a proper back up system that won’t fail if the power goes out. Drylock paint the foundation walls to keep moisture out and fill any holes with hydrolic cement.

Second step….make up a wish list!! Do you want a home gym, an entertainment area, a music room, a mud room, a home office, a basement bathroom?? Think it over, watch HGTV, read home design magazines, talk to friends-take the time to really do some research with your significant other-two heads are better than one….then call me. I can assess the space you have and come up with a design that suits you and your families needs while staying within your budget!